About the Restaurant

A love of great food, prepared fresh, in house from the best local ingredients is what Hadley’s is all about. Everything from our bacon to delectable smoked fish is made on site, fresh by hand. A friendly and relaxed environment where you can enjoy the comfort food you wish you had the time to make at home. Great food. Great Drinks. Great People.

About the People

A restaurant doesn’t run itself… that’s just silly.  Behind Hadley’s there is a staff of hard working foodies and a community of loyal food lovers!  Keep reading to find out a little bit more about who we are.


Lex Eric
Lex is a recovering baker who has a passion for all things food! She brings the love and patience of seeing simple ingredients turned into something extradordinary. As a formal locavore she thinks it’s important to bring fresh local food to all and enjoys the challenges of the seasons. On a totally different note she also kicks butt with chocolate! Try one of her tasty house made deserts that change depending on her whims! Eric is a chef with experience in some of the finest restaurants as well as some of the most horrendous dives in the city. One day he decided that call of making his own bacon was too much to resist. He has struck out on his own with the lovely Lex to bring you food that is fresh, honest and above all darn tasty. He hopes to use his culinary skills to one day defeat the forces of evil and bring peace and the best Mac & Cheese to all humanity.