Beer Day!!!!!

So today off we go to the distillery district to meet our possible beer rep!! If all goes well I will be plugging not just the beer but recipes for it here in the blog! I like this kinda work. I get to go eat food and drink beer on someone elses dime!! Who wouldn’t want to call that work?

Yesterday we had the banquette people come in to measure and pick swatches for the tables and booths which was a lot of fun and we think they’re gonna look really great. We also went to Home Depot to buy a mess of things that involve finishing the bar and about a zillion swatches to put up to decide what version of white we’ll be painting the place. The woman at the paint counter was super helpful and showed us everything we needed as well as making some great suggestions. The guy was an idiot and just told us that they didn’t have ANYTHING that we would be able to use. I like it when the women are more helpful and knowledgeable in hardware stores. It makes me smile.

Also Daddy Chef got to get to know our space a bit better after his trip and we continued a little bit of demo work. All in all a good day. We also tried the new “name me” burger at Harvey’s considering the price I’m going with “The Ripoff Burger.”

It’s really hot today 31C but feeling like 45C so my recipe today involves freezing, and that’s it. My sister looooovveeesss these!! (That’s how she says it) So this one’s for you Em!!!

Limber de Coco (Coconut Cream Popsicles) : The Noshery